• Q: Do we register as individuals or as a team?
  • A: Both! Play as a ‘free agent’ and you’ll rotate to a different team each game. Play as a ‘team’ and you’ll play with the same group each game.
  • Q: I am new to the game, as I’m sure many others are, but I was just wondering about the amount of new vs. experienced players that will be on each team.
  • A: Most of our players start with no kayaking experience. The skills in general can be picked up quickly and everyone is good about helping newbies out.
  • Q: Will the league be fairly competitive, or mostly focused on learning the sport?
  • A: We don’t keep track of score. That’s because winning is not the be all end all goal here. Our aim for you is to play, having fun while learning a new sport and set of skills in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.

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