Kayak What?

It’s okay, we hear it all the time. We say “Kayak POLO”, you say “Kayak WHAT?”. That’s right, we said Kayak P-O-L-O! Think bumper boats meets basketball, or simple waterpolo meets kayaking and you’ve got the idea. Above all, it’s just plain fun!

More than a game…

We know, it sounds cliche but it’s true – kayak polo as we play it is so much more than a game. Playing kayak polo is of course a fun and competitive game after all, but it’s many other things. Let’s reflect:

  • It’s like taking a kayaking class every time you play! Gain new skills, sharpen existing ones.
  • Playing kayak polo will make you a better, even incredible paddler (SKILLS!).
  • Meet other paddlers, make friends, bake cakes together!
  • It’s a great workout (You knew that didn’t you!)
  • Community: events, group paddling, shared knowledge, funny and scary boating stories!
  • Where else can you experience hand(paddle/boat)made whitewater bliss?
  • You can wear spandex and no one will laugh!

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